All units are a Monthly Rental

Rent is due on the anniversary date of your rental. (if you rent online today you will be due next month on the same day) If your unit is vacated prior to your anniversary date and is empty and swept, you will not be responsible for another months rent and we will refund your *Security Deposit. Please provide us 10 days prior with a vacate notice or you will be charged with no refund.

Monthly Rent is not refundable.

We do not pro-rate. We do not refund any rent if you do not move into your space.

*All units have a $30 Refundable Security Deposit. 

After you rent online please contact the office to set up a time to complete and finish your Move-In.


The lease must be singed in the office only and during Office hours.


 All units are secured with a Credit Card. 

*Special Pricing" these units may not have a refundable security deposit 



5W x 5L x 10H $90

5W x 10L x 10H $105.00

10W x5L x10H $105.00

10W x 10L x 10H $160.00

10W x 15L x 10H $180.00

10W x 20L x 10H $215.00

10W x 25L x 10H $235.00

"DD" 10W x 20L x 10H $235.00

"DD" 10W x 25L x 10H $260.00

all units approximate in size

DD = Entrance at both ends